10 Tips to Take Your In-Flight Window Shots to New Heights!

There’s no better place to capture stunning photos than from the window seat of a Virgin Australia flight at 35,000ft. To capture the amazing view out your window in the best possible way, here’s our 10 tips that are guaranteed to take your photos to new heights!

1.Flash is not your friend

The flash on mobile devices only reaches a few metres, and won’t have any impact when you’re thousands of feet in the air. By turning off the flash, you avoid having the light rebound off the window and it affecting your photos.

2.Minimise reflections

You might be tempted to hold your phone against the glass to avoid reflections, but this can lead to blurry shots caused by aircraft vibrations. We recommend getting as close to the window as possible while using your other hand to shield reflections.


Cameras can get confused when shooting through glass. Pressing on the focal point of your screen allows you to choose what your camera focuses on. It’s also best to avoid zoom, as this decreases the resolution of your image. You can always crop your photo afterwards and this means you have a higher resolution image to work with.

4.Lights, camera, action!

Photos are all about lighting. During your flight, take advantage of the sunrise and sunset. The more colourful the horizon, the more stunning your photo is likely to be.

5.When your head is in the clouds…

Every cloud has a silver lining. When it comes to in-flight window photos, some of the best shots take advantage of the cloud formations. Remember, some of the most beautiful days have clouds in the sky!

6.Prime times

Take-off and Landing Now that you can use your small handheld devices on airplane mode throughout the flight, these are the prime times to capture most interesting angles and the opportunity to capture landmarks and sights that tourists dream of! Plus, it’s not every day that you get to travel at 260km/h so take advantage of your phones ‘burst mode’ function by holding down the picture button to take multiple photos consecutively.

7.Take a seat

If you’re more of an aisle or middle seat person and you’re travelling with a companion, be sure to include them peering out the window, the engine/wing of the aircraft. This helps create context and perspective.

8.To HDR or not HDR?

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. It gives your photographs a greater range of light. The software on your phone combines three shots with different exposures into one – this is why it can take a little longer. We suggest turning it off for take-off or landing shots. The faster speeds mean that second delay can lead to blurry photos. Also, during sunsets and sunrises it can wash out the vivid colours. However, turn it on when you’re cruising or in both harsh sunlight and low-light.

9.Post Production

Use any photo editor app or even the edit function on your phone to play with the saturation, contrast and filters. We encourage you to be innovative and have fun with your photos to make them the best they can be.

10.Touch down!

Once you’ve touched down and are reconnected to your mobile network, you can post your winner of a shot, which will be sure to score you legions of likes and followers! And of course the flight will have given you just enough time to contemplate the all-important caption. If in doubt: emoji’s! Always feel free to tag your photos with #virginaustralia and follow us on Instagram @virginaustralia!

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