5 packing tips that will get your holiday off to a stress free start

Who doesn’t love to fly away for a holiday? It’s a great opportunity to unwind, explore new places and forget about your work emails for a while. Unfortunately for many people, holidays can get off to a bad start with the challenge of packing.

To ensure a stress-free start to your holiday, we’ve compiled some simple ways to pack more efficiently for your next trip.

1. Check the weather forecast

A simple check of the weather forecast at your destination can prevent taking unnecessary clothes. If temperatures are going to be warmer than expected, you can avoid packing bulky jackets that won’t be worn. Alternatively, don’t take 6 pairs of shorts if a cold snap is predicted.

2. Hide your socks

Fill your shoes with your socks. The cavity in your shoes is wasted space so fill this with your socks to create more space. This space can also be used to provide some protection for any fragile items you may be carrying.

3. Roll, don’t fold

Rolling your clothes instead of folding them minimises the amount of space each item takes up in your bag. This will also reduce creasing.

4. Lose your shoes

On most trips, you only need two pairs of shoes. Bring one pair for everyday walking, and the other for more formal occasions or night-time wear. That way, you’ll only need one pair in your bag at any time.

5. Account for holiday purchases

Many people go shopping when they are on holiday. Always leave some space in your bag when you depart so you can fit your purchases in on your return journey.

Finally, avoid any stress at check-in by being aware of your baggage allowance which you can find here.

Happy packing!

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