Do our crew sleep on long haul flights?

Did you know that flights from Australia to Los Angeles are classed as ‘ultra-long haul’? Given flights can be up to 15 hours in duration, it’s important for our flight and cabin crew to rest during the flight to be at their best when operating the aircraft and serving our guests. To achieve this, our crew will retire to two designated crew rest areas in shifts during the flight in order to rest for around 4 hours on a flight like Sydney to Los Angeles.

There are two rest areas on board our Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, located above the Business Class and Economy cabins at either end of the aircraft and after main meal service, breaks are allocated to ensure that the right amount of crew always remain on deck to assist guests. There are four flight crew on board our Boeing 777 aircraft, and at least two pilots on the flight deck at all times. For pilots who are resting, they can get some sleep in two beds above the Business Class cabin, or relax and enjoy our in-flight entertainment system. The rest area for our cabin crew is above our economy cabin, and features 8 single beds with sheets, blankets and comfortable pillows to ensure crew are well rested once they return to the cabin.

Crew are able to change into pyjamas to get some sleep, and will set an individual alarm to ensure they're back on deck at the right time. Before drawing the curtain, crew will hang their uniform outside their bunk to let crew know who is where and the Flight Manager is always in the first bunk on the right.

By being able to rest during the flight, our crew are always able to provide the best service in the sky, which has seen them regularly be awarded 'Best Cabin Crew' by Australian Business Traveller and Airline Ratings to name a few.

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