Jetts Joins Velocity

Imagine earning bonus Velocity Frequent Flyer Points just for going to the gym regularly. From today, this added incentive to get fit is a reality with the announcement of a new partnership with national 24-hour fitness club, Jetts Fitness.

With more than 200 retail brands in its e-store and an extensive portfolio of partners, Velocity Frequent Flyer already has the widest retail offering of any loyalty program in Australia and today welcomes this exciting new way to earn and redeem Points.

In a first for Velocity, Jetts Fitness and Australian frequent flyer programs, the partnership will enable members to earn Points on new and existing memberships at any of the club’s 200+ locations across Australia, and as a bit of extra motivation, bonus Points for those who visit a gym more than five times a month. Members can also redeem Points for their gym membership via the Online Rewards Store.

To celebrate the new partnership, from 13 October to 30 November 2014, Velocity members will earn additional Points upon purchase of an annual membership or when signing up for fortnightly direct debit payments.

Velocity Frequent Flyer is thrilled to reward its 4.5 million members with more benefits than ever before and will continue to seek meaningful partners that deliver what our members really want.

To join Velocity Frequent Flyer for free and to find out more about its extensive offering, please click here.

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