Travel tips

Business: 7 tips for a successful day trip
Be prepared for business with our handy tips for a smooth day trip
Going green: what is ecotourism?
With issues of climate change and conservation of the environment currently at the forefront of government policy and public awareness, an increasing number of travellers are looking to eco-friendly....
Tips for travelling fit this winter
Beat the chill and keep fit on the road this winter with our handy fit travel tips.
To WiFi or not to WiFi?
We answer the big question and take a (humorous) look at the pros and cons of staying connected inflight.
Doing Business with Virgin Australia
Contemplating a move to the pointy end? We've captured some of the perks of doing Business with Virgin Australia....
A bird's eye view
Experience the spectacular Australian landscape from a fresh and exciting perspective.
Turn a game into a getaway with AFL Travel
AFL Travel supports fans in supporting their teams with a great range of holiday packages and exclusive benefits.
Pass the time with podcasts
Sit back, relax and enjoy the peace on board your next flight while listening to these great podcasts.
Staying fit inflight – the low down
Staying well and fresh on your next flight is easy with these simple but effective strategies.
Weekend vacay with the family
Getting away with the family this weekend could be just the thing you need to recharge this summer.


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