Inside New York's most amazing new hotel suite

Introducing the $75,000-a-night Manhattan Sky Suite.

Let’s be real, a stay at the Park Hyatt hotel in New York City is already one for the bucket list – but the hotel’s recently unveiled Manhattan Sky Suite has us wishing we had a spare US$50,000 (roughly AUD$75,000) to drop on a night or three here. Here’s what to know about the city’s newest ultra-luxury stay.


It’s the highest suite to overlook Central Park in the entire city.

Views over Central Park from the Manhattan Sky Suite

Crazy-amazing views over Central Park, from the Manhattan Sky Suite.

They weren’t joking when they named it the Manhattan Sky Suite: step inside and you’ll definitely feel like you’re at one with the clouds. Located a whopping 59 storeys into the sky, and with floor-to-ceiling windows of views that stretch into the distant horizon (a rare thing indeed in this particular city), the three-bedroom, three bathroom enclave boasts some pretty serious boasting rights, and that’s before we mention its spectacular vantage point of the world’s most famous park.


The Manhattan Sky Suite's grand salon

The 'grand salon' – otherwise known as the living room – and its incredible fireplace.

This is highest hotel suite overlooking Central Park in the entire city, and the views from its 17-foot- (five-metre-) high windows are hard to beat. Settle in at one of the many window loveseats with a book and watch as the ever-changing display of colours show the park’s many moods, or perhaps call your private butler to play a game of noughts and crosses with you as the sun begins to set – the suite comes with a board made from marble, which is thoughtful.


Your stay comes with a private chef.

The kitchen dining nook, in the Manhattan Sky Suite

This isn't the main eating area – just a stylish little dining nook in the kitchen.

Private butler? Of course. Private heli-transfer from whichever New York airport you fly into? Naturally. So you better believe you get a private chef as part of your entourage – though that’s just the beginning of your foodie experience here. A chic full-service kitchen, complete with oven, rangehood, a private wine cellar, a grocery cupboard (stacked with all your favourite snacks, of course) and a freezer full of ice cream is all waiting for you upon arrival, and you’re welcome to make yourself at home in here by cooking up a storm.


The dining table in the Manhattan Sky Suite

The jaw-dropping dining table, with fully stocked bar in the background. Just add friends...

However, your chef is ready and waiting to whip up a midnight snack or some high tea at any time you wish – and if you’re feeling really festive, the hotel also encourages you to host private dinner parties here during your stay. The elegant dining table here seats up to 14 guests, and yes, your chef would be delighted to cater to whatever gluten-vegan-paleo preferences your guests have. Conveniently, the dining area also happens to be located right next to a fully-stocked bar of high-end spirits, silverware and crystal, included as part of your stay. 


The main bedroom’s bathtub is… something.

Marble bath goals in the main bedroom's ensuite area

Marble bath goals, in the main bedroom's en-suite area.

OK, it’s a marble bathtub. But have you ever heard of a tub with views like this? Sink into bubble-topped, rose-scented water with views across the city, including not only the iconic Chrysler building, but the Empire State to boot. Not a bath person? That’s ok – the adjacent shower has views of its own, with a waterproof television built into the wall and hooked up to both Netflix and Apple TV (never miss an episode of The Queen again).


A peek into the powder room, accompanied by its Yves Saint Laurent postcard

A peek into the powder room, accompanied by that Yves Saint Laurent postcard.

There are three full bathrooms in here, but excluding the powder room down near the second bedroom, which is definitely worth a look, too. Park Hyatt New York has over 350 exceptional pieces of art dotting its hallways, including several grand installations in the suite, but this particular bolthole holds one of our favourites: a pretty little piece by none other than Yves Saint Laurent. Speaking of art, the television in the suite’s grand salon (aka ‘lounge room’) is discreetly hidden behind a painting by American installation artist, Sarah Sze. Simply slide it back to reveal the flatscreen. 


Everything is customisable. Yes… everything.

The main bedroom, with more incredible views of the Manhattan skyline.

The main bedroom, with more incredible views of the Manhattan skyline.

Before you arrive, the service team will be in touch to determine a few very important things. Firstly: what sort of scents do you like? In-suite perfumes and scented candles will be curated to your preferences, with various fragrances on offer from Le Labo, Hermès and Lanvin (as well as scents left in the bathroom for you to spritz, in nothing less than Lalique crystalware). Next: what sort of clothes do you like? The wardrobe will be full when you arrive, with a selection of brand new clothes personally picked and styled for you by the team at nearby Nordstrom department store. (Any pieces you decide to keep will be added to the bill, mind you – but at this point, who’s counting?) You can even engage in some light renovations, if you’d like – plenty of guests do, turning one of the three bedrooms into an office or workout space. Assuming, that is, that the nanny or your security detail isn’t sleeping in there...


Published 17 February 2020. Words by Georgia Rickard; all photography supplied by Park Hyatt New York.

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