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Half way between Australia and Sri Lanka, in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, rest the Cocos (Keeling) Islands—a collection 27 islets split into two flat, low-lying coral atolls.

North Keeling Island, a solitary uninhabited atoll shaped like a horseshoe enclosing a lagoon, is Australia’s most remote national park. South Keeling Islands, a collection of islets, forms an incomplete ring where empty beaches, world-class diving and tropical weather entice vacationers in search of a tranquil tropical getaway.

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Cocos (Keeling) Islands Holidays

Take in the breathtakingly beautiful sunsets or admire the kaleidoscope colours of the lagoon and fringing reef. Imagine yourself swimming with the dolphins or snorkelling with the manta rays. Catch your own "catch of the day" whilst lazily cruising around in the glass bottom boat or perhaps take a trip to one of the many isolated islands in the southern atoll when the tides are high.....

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GMT +6.5
English (official)
Australian dollar (AUD)
220 – 240v 50Hz

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