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Miami is a major city in the south-eastern United States and makes up part of the largest metropolitan area in Florida. Being part of the South Florida region, it is 20 miles from Fort Lauderdale, 106 miles from Naples (Florida) and 156 miles from Key West.

Source: Wikitravel. A list of contributors is available at the original article on Wikitravel.

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South Beach Miami

Boasting warm year-round weather, bustling urban hubs and sparkling stretches of coastline, Florida is considered to be North America’s hottest holiday haunt. The state’s drawcards are plenty and varied; attracting visitors in search of adventure, relaxation, thrills, and indulgence. Florida’s most illustrious city, Miami is a cosmopolitan and lively hotspot, brimming with things to see and do...

Miami Grand Designs

Miami Beach conjures up a pastiche of images: tanned and toned beautiful people strutting or rollerblading along promenades studded with tall, swaying palm trees; long stretches of soft white-sand beaches; and suave, sharply dressed lotharios mirroring Miami Vice Detective James (Sonny) Crockett. Yet what really gives this place its unique feel, and what makes it arguably one of the coolest...

Quick Facts

Approx. 625,000
Time Zone: 
GMT -5
English (official), Spanish, Native American
American Dollar ($USD)
110v - 60Hz


Foodies and chefs alike herald Miami for its unique New World cuisine. Created in the 1990's, the cuisine alternatively known as New World, Nuevo Latino or Florribean cuisine blends local produce, Latin American and Caribbean culinary tradition and the technical skills required in European cooking. Nuevo Latino is said to be the brainchild of four chefs: Allen Susser, Norman Van Aken, Mark Militello and Douglas Rodriguez. All of them still work in Miami and most of them work at the restaurants they created in the 1990's. New World is not restricted to these chefs’ menus. This cuisine influences several restaurants around the city to this day.

Miami may be known for its Latin cuisine, especially its Cuban cuisine, but there are other different kinds of restaurants to be found around the city. In addition to stand-alone restaurants offering up various cuisines from Chinese and Japanese and Middle Eastern and Italian (among other cuisines), there are cafés, steakhouses and restaurants operating from boutique hotels as well as chain restaurants such as TGI Fridays and Ben & Jerry’s.

Source: Wikitravel. A list of contributors is available at the original article on Wikitravel.

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