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More than 10 million people live in Russia’s capital, making it one of the most highly populated cities in the world.

The countries cultural heart, Moscow is famed for its performing arts and there are more than 130 cinemas, four concert halls and 100 theatres for you to enjoy a production from. It’s also Russia’s major political and economic hub and home to an extensive transport network. Originally named after its river, Moskva, almost 50 bridges cross the river within the cities limits.

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Discover Moscow

Moscow is a surprising city of stark yet intriguing contradictions. History rings from every corner as monuments pay homage to Russia’s heroes and battles; while modern cultural institutes and hotspots survey the city with open eyes. Moscow’s most famous address, the Red Square is exemplary of the city’s captivating contrasts. A centre point from which the Moscow’s major streets begin, the...

Moscow and The Kremlin at night in Russia

In less than three decades, Moscow has transformed from the world capital of communism to a playground for the nouveau riche. With more billionaires per square kilometre in Moscow than anywhere in the world, it’s no surprise that the mantra for the 24-hour party city is “the more expensive the better”. There are plenty of eye-popping sights to ogle, from fur-draped models in Lamborghinis to...

Quick Facts

Approx. 10,562,099
Time Zone: 
UTC +3/+4
Russian (official), Swiss, English
Russian Rouble


Café Pushkin is without doubt one of Moscow’s premier dining establishments. Choose between the library, pharmacy or fireplace halls as the backdrop to your unforgettable gastronomy experience. The menu conjures traditional Russian favourites like Borsch soup, stews of lamb, beef, duck and pork and crepes stuffed with caviar. The lavish 19th century mansion offers a banquet service for distinguished guests - opulent Russian dining at its best.

Shchit I Mech (Shield and Sword) is the perfect spot to savour a no frills Russian meal. Whether its grilled meet and vegetables, hearty soups or a chicken kiev with a standard 100g pour of Vodka, the former Lubyanka prison and one-time headquarter of the KGB represents fantastic value for money. Also known as the KGB bar, the restaurant is packed with soviet paraphernalia which only adds to the atmosphere.

The dangerously fun Bosco Bar attracts a well-heeled touristy crowd. Located in the heart of the city it serves an enviable selection of Vodka flavour fusions – even by Russian standards. Inside, an ultra modern interior hinting 70s chic, serves up a good selection of mid-priced meals. A modern Italian menu, you can expect to find simple pasta dishes, accompanying salads and an impossible selection of ice cream flavours – tobacco being one of them. Located at 3 Red Square it’s a busy spot throughout the night.


Pay a visit to Russia’s largest department store GUM. Stocking everything from Christian Dior to Calvin Klein this is the place to go for your designer brand fix - centrally located at Red Square.

Head to the university district and immerse yourself in Moscow’s farmers markets, Tscherjomuschkinskij Rynok. Located at 1/42 Lomonossowskij, you’ll find plenty of regional produce, kitsch souvenirs and popular food stalls serving local favourites like freshly made syrniks (a type of burger) as well as savoury pancakes and pastries.

Quite possibly Moscow’s favourite shopping destination, A Korkunor is the holy grail of all things sweet. Handmade chocolates line polished glass cabinets which are sure to break your resolve. The perfect place to source decadent gifts for family and friends, stop and savour a sinfully thick hot chocolate while you’re there. Located at 13/16 ul Bolshay Lubyanka.

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