Cabin Crew essentials for health and hydration in the air

It doesn’t matter if you're travelling for business, leisure or adventure; it’s important to touch down feeling revitalised, nourished and ready to seize the day. Our Cabin Crew have shared the 6 top tips on staying healthy and hydrated in the air.

1. Hydrating mist

It’s no secret that the pressurised environment of an aircraft can lead to dehydration. To restore moisture to your skin, our crew recommend spritzing a hydrating mist over your neck and face at hourly intervals. Keep in mind that liquids, aerosol and gel products must be in containers of 100 millilitres or less to be taken in your Carry-on Baggage on international flights.

2. Pulse point essential oils

A great way to combat jet lag, ease anxiety and induce sleep is to incorporate essential oils into your flight routine. Our crew recommend using a pulse point applicator to target responsive areas such as the neck, temples and wrists.

3. Herbal tea

Caffeine and alcohol can increase dehydration so next time you’re in the air, try sipping on herbal tea instead. Consider packing some ginger tea to ease digestion, chamomile tea for its calming properties and/or turmeric tea for its anti-inflammation and anti-oxidant benefits.

4. Prepare a fruit infused water bottle

For added hydration and invigoration, bring along an empty water bottle packed with fresh fruit and herbs. Once you’ve made it through Security at the airport, purchase a bottle of mineral, sparkling or coconut water and create a fruit infusion. Our crew have developed the following concoctions as inspiration:

Invigorate: Grapefruit and rosemary
Refresh: Mint, strawberry, cucumber and lime
Calm: Apple, ginger, lemongrass

5. Calming herbs

If you’re a nervous flyer or just hoping to catch some Z’s, consider taking herbal supplements to ease your mind. Make sure you do some independent research to find the right product for you, but our crew recommend supplements or oils containing melatonin, magnesium, valerian root, lemon balm, lavender and/or passionflower.

6. Stick to natural fibres

It’s often the little things that can make your time in the sky that much more comfortable. Next time you get dressed for a flight; consider sticking to natural fibres such as cotton, linen, silk and wool. Clothing that is produced from natural fibres allows the skin to breathe, insulates temperature, absorbs moisture, prevents the growth of bacteria and is typically hypoallergenic.

Next time you fly, try to incorporate some of these ideas into your flight routine and you'll no doubt feel all the more refreshed at your destination.

Happy flying!

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