Five tips for travelling solo

Frequent solo travel is a true pleasure.

There are those that feel a sense of freedom in selecting a seat without having to consider anyone else’s preferences.

There are those that feel a rare happiness in passing through security at their own (preferably lightning fast) pace without being hindered by a companion who has conveniently managed to pack unsealed aerosols in their carry-on, is wearing steel-capped boots and didn’t realise they had to put their laptop in a separate tray.

And then there are those that settle into the aircraft with a quiet, satisfied smile (well hello there, window seat!) for a glorious, pre-determined amount of alone time before disembarking.

Strangely enough, not everyone feels this tranquillity at the prospect of travelling alone and avoid at all costs.

It is these social creatures who don’t generally travel by themselves the following may be useful:

Pay attention to detail

You and you alone are responsible for getting on that plane. Check your flight details, check them twice and then check them again. If travelling overseas, very late in the evening, or very early in the morning ensure you have the right dates in mind. If confused at all, don’t hesitate to contact the Guest Contact Centre on 13 67 89 (available 24 hours), ask your travel agent or touch base with the third party provider for clarification.

In addition, remember that sometimes circumstances do arise where we have to change your schedule prior to travel and we will do everything in our power to let you know – but we can’t do so when contact details haven’t been input in a reservation! If you’re taking care of your own travel, ensure the booking contains your correct contact details.

In addition, be aware when a flight is booked through a Travel Agent or third party website, in most cases they are responsible for contacting you in this situation – so again, confirm details with them.

Treat yourself

When travelling domestically within Virgin Australia, non-Members to The Lounge can purchase a single-entry pass to visit on the day of travel with a valid Virgin Australia boarding pass for just $65. This is payable at reception by credit card and can only be used a maximum of two hours before departure time ( Whether you’re looking to get some work done, have a bite to eat and drink or just kill some time, The Lounge can be a great option if you’ve arrived at the airport early with complimentary food and beverages, entertainment and business facilities and services. Plus, you never know – you might even be treated to a pop-up performance from an internationally-renowned artist (, have a taste of some Vietnamese street food or grab a photo with some of our favourite regulars, the GWS Giants!

Be safe

Tell people when and where you’re going, don’t leave your bags unattended at airports and keep in mind the latest security updates from the government. Basic but necessary.

Keep technology at your fingertips

In today’s world, these should be no-brainers:

1. Arrive at the airport with your phone fully charged.

2. When packing, triple-check you have all your devices as well as the corresponding appropriate chargers and adaptors and pack them safely in your carry-on baggage. These items will be invaluable should you be delayed and need to make changes to plans.

3. Take a peek at what’s currently available on Virgin Australia Wireless In-flight entertainment system – August/September here: Something take your fancy? Just prepare your devices before you get to the airport so you can take advantage (more information here:

4. If heading overseas, consider what changes you’ll need to make for your time away. You may not need to make any, but it is certainly easier to do this from home.

Seize the opportunity

If the heady combination of your phone, kindle, laptop, tablet and Wireless in-flight entertainment system isn’t enough to keep your busy mind occupied on-board as you face a journey alone, leave some of your week’s work that doesn’t require internet access to be completed on-board. No colleagues, e-mails or calls to interrupt you and Virgin Australia’s introduction of Gate2gate use of personal electronic devices (on domestic flights) – it’s a combination guaranteed to maximise productivity!

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