Meet the face of our latest commercial

We spoke to Sydney, a member of our Business Class Cabin Crew and face of our latest TV commercial, to get her thoughts on what it was like to be part of a professional film shoot, and if she’s found stardom since appearing as the face of Virgin Australia.

Hi Sydney, congratulations on being chosen as the face of Virgin Australia's latest TV commercial. Can you tell us what your role is within the company?

I’m a member of our Business Class Cabin Crew for Virgin Australia International, and I’ve been with the company for 6.5 years.

How was your experience shooting the most recent Virgin Australia brand television commercial?

Shooting the most recent Virgin Australia television commercial was an amazing experience because it was fun doing what I do every day just in front of a camera. The film crew, extras, and all Virgin team were all extremely supportive. Having so many people involved wanting the same outcome reminded me how much time and effort is involved in getting a flight off the ground. Most people don’t realise all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes of a film set or on a flight, they just get to see the end result. I’m really proud to be able to showcase what we do at Virgin Australia and share it with thousands of people.

Have you been recognised on a flight since your role in the commercial?

Yes! I've had really positive feedback from friends, family and passengers which is fantastic!

What was your favourite aspect of being involved in the commercial?

My favourite aspect of being involved in the Virgin Australia commercial was being able to represent the company on a national level. I have lots of family and friends overseas, so being able to share it with them through social media has also been rewarding.

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