Plan your in-flight entertainment before you fly

Take the stress out of flying with the kids these school holidays, by getting to know our in-flight entertainment system and planning what to watch before you fly! Using your own device with our Wireless In-Flight Entertainment app, you can tap unto your own interests and naviagte between our ever-evolving library of moviews, TV shows, web series, podcasts and games.

It’s as easy as downloading our free Entertainment app for iOS for iPhone and iPad or Android, and adding the content that you want to watch to a playlist. This will then be ready for you once you board your flight. For parents peace of mind, all entertainment content is rated to understand what is suitable for children, and for ease of supervision, access the parental controls are available to put your mind at ease.

Great features in the month of July for kids include the Ice Age trilogy, The Jungle Book, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip, as well as well as the Bound Round series, which is a travel guide for kids, narrated by kids. And parents with babies, we haven’t forgotten you. Try out some child meditation audio or one of the many children’s shows for a smooth flight. A headphone splitter can be a great idea to bring along, which will allow you to plug two sets of headphone into the same device to enjoy the same content as your kids so that you can enjoy the entertainment together if you like.

And for those not travelling with little ones, there is a range of new release movies, articles, podcasts and books ready to entertain in a range of different genres. Want to stimulate the brain? Brush up on your qualifications via our inflight education portal where you can take your education to new heights; the sky is the limit.

Once on board, our four in-flight entertainment top tips are:

1. Have a TV show or movie in mind? Use the 'Search' icon to look up your favourite shows, music or podcast.

2. Use the 'Star' icon to add a selected item to your playlist. Anything you've starred will be available on the 'Playlist' icon at the bottom of the app.

3. Flying on a short domestic flight and can’t finish the movie? To easliy pick up where you left off, select the ‘Viewed’ icon to resume previously played media.

4. Parental controls can be found in the settings and allow you to sit back and relax knowing you are in complete control over your child’s viewing content.

For more information on how to download the Virgin Australia In-Flight Entertainment App and compatibility click here. You can also get a headstart on seeing what’s now showing to plan your in flight entertainment experience.

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