Travel tips for a stress free trip through the airport

Travel tips for a stress free trip through the airport

Whether travelling for business or leisure, we know how valuable your time is. To make your airport experience as smooth and efficient as possible, we’ve pulled together these helpful tips. Whilst our best advice is to arrive at the airport with plenty of time to spare so any unforeseen delays don’t impact on your ability to get to your flight on time, these tips should help take any stress out of your airport experience.

Online check-in for domestic flights can save you time at the airport. If you don’t have bags to check-in you can head straight to security and on to your gate. If you are checking in luggage you can skip the check-in counter and head straight to our bag drop desks. To check-in online, simply use your Booking Reference number via the Booking tab on our webiste, or on our free mobile app. You can then easily access your boarding pass via email or on your mobile at the airport.

Avoid a last minute rush by knowing when check-in closes. To ensure our flights depart on time so no one is kept waiting, our kiosk check-in closes 40 minutes before your flight departs while our check-in counter closes 30 minutes prior to departure.

Premium Entry and Exit in our lounges will help you avoid the queues at security. Our Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane lounges have dedicated security screening points for exclusive use by our Platinum and Gold Velocity members and Business Class guests in Sydney and Brisbane, and all lounge guests in Melbourne. Platinum and Gold Velocity Frequent Flyers receive automatic entry to our lounges.

Prepare for security screening by removing metal objects from your pockets, taking your laptop out of your bag and having all other loose items ready to place in the tray to avoid delays. Aerosols and liquids can be taken in your carry-on, but must be scanned separately, so make sure to have these items out of your bag ready for scanning. Please niote that on International flights, items are limited to a maximum capacity of 100ml each, and all items must fit comfortably inside a single one litre transparent resealable bag, which must be sealed.

Have documentation easily accessible, particularly when you are traveling through International Customs. This will help you when you get to the desk and avoid any unnecessary stress.

Check your proximity to the departure gate if you aren’t planning to head straight there. Some gates will take longer than others to get to, so knowing this will ensure you aren’t running late at the last minute when your flight is boarding.

Keep an eye on the time. This is a really simple one but it is easy to lose track of time in a busy airport terminal, and no one wants to miss their flight because time got away from them.

We hope these tips will help to make your next airport journey a smooth and stress-free one, and we look forward to welcoming you on board soon. If you're looknig to relax before your flight in our network of lounges, you can also purchase a membership here.

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