Virgin Australia’s Perth Terminal – By The Numbers

A city on the move deserves an airline to match, which is why our new T1 Domestic Terminal is now open at Perth Airport. All Virgin Australia flights that previously operated from T3 have been relocated to T1 Domestic. Flight transfers are more seamless than ever, with all regional, domestic and international flights now located together at the T1/T2 airport precinct.

Check out these interesting facts and figures that outline just what it takes to build an airport terminal.

  • Over 4,200 individual contractors and suppliers contributed to the project working more than 1.8 million man hours
  • The construction of the Pier involved over 15,000 cubic metres of concrete, 2,000 tonnes of steel, and 35,000 square metres of glazing and cladding to the exterior of the building
  • The pier extension is 1.5 times the length of Subiaco’s Domain Stadium (260 metres vs 175 metres)
  • The total area of the project is 2.5 times the size of the Perth Convention Exhibition Centre (40,000 square metres vs 16,000 square metres)
  • 2,104 seats (1,691 gate seating with access to power) are available across the Pier
  • The Pier is 250 metres long, longer than the tallest building in WA and is connected to Terminal 1 via a 50 metre link with travelators

You can take a unique fly through video tour of the terminal here.

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