Virgin Australia’s uniforms explained

Our crew have one of the most recognisable uniforms in the business but there is more to the uniform than first meets the eye.

The uniform worn by ground crew and cabin crew, designed by Project Runway Australia winner Julie Grbac, was launched in 2011 and has received a number of plaudits since its launch.

Whilst the striking uniforms may appear the same at first glance there are some subtle differences that you may not have noticed before.

For instance, did you know that cabin crew members wear a silk white and purple scarf with two red stripes, our cabin supervisors wear a white and purple scarf with two white stripes, whereas our ground crew members however wear a red and purple scarf, with the ground supervisors wearing a charcoal scarf.

It’s all in the tie when it comes to the men, with cabin supervisors donning a dark purple tie, cabin crew wearing light purple, and ground crew wearing the Virgin Australia red and ground supervisors wearing charcoal.

There’s even a subtle difference in the badges that our team wear. Charcoal for Cabin Supervisors and Guest Services Supervisors, and purple for Cabin Crew and Guest Services team members.

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