Business: 7 tips for a successful day trip

To the uninitiated, travelling for work may seem like a glamourous affair, with nice hotels . However, regular business trips can fast become an exhausting grind for people who spend most of their working week on the road (or in the air). Day trips involving flights can be particularly draining and unless you’re staying on top of things, chances are you’re arriving at that important interstate meeting with less than the required degree of enthusiasm.

 Being organised can significantly reduce the mental load that comes with a day trip for business. We’ve pulled together our seven best tips to help you keep it together and arrive at your destination with your A-game firmly intact.

1. Buy a useful travel bag

Having a good quality day trip bag is essential to staying organised on the road. Choosing one that can comfortably fit in an aircraft overhead locker is important as chances are you’ll be travelling on busy, peak hour flights where space is at a premium. A bag with separate compartments for smaller essentials such as phones, keys and security passes is also important and can save you little moments of stress when you would otherwise be rummaging around through your bag searching for them.

2. Pack the night before

There is nothing quite as bad as scrummaging around in the dark with bleary eyes for a misplaced wallet/keys/phone charger when time is of the essence. Start your day trip off right by starting it the night before; ensure you’ve got everything you need packed and waiting for you by the door.

3. Pack some overnight essentials…just in case

There are many reasons why a day trip can become an overnight trip; a request by your boss, a client asks you out for dinner or bad weather causes an airport to close. Whatever the reason, being a little prepared means you won’t be running out to the nearest shopping centre for clean underwear and a toothbrush in the even of an unexpected delay.

4.  Ensure your devices are charged

Yes, you should absolutely pack device chargers but be prepared for not having immediate access to power by having your phone, laptop and/or tablet full of power and ready to go. If you're running late for a meeting, chances are you don’t want to be fumbling around for a charger on arrival.

5. Book airport parking early

If you’re driving to the airport for an early flight, be on top of the parking situation by knowing what your options are and booking the night before you travel. While you’re at it, check out a map of the carpark and note the location of access points to the terminal so if you’re pushed for time, you know exactly where you’re going.

6. Pack some snacks

Be prepared for delays and long meetings with little or no access to food by packing some snacks in your bag which can be eaten on the go. Some great options which don’t need refrigeration include whole fresh fruit or snack fruit containers (although check the quarantine restrictions for your destination), dried fruit and nut mixes, muesli bars, crackers or rice cakes.

7. Buy a lounge membership.

If you’re regularly travelling for business, whether it be for day trips or longer stays, a lounge membership is a good investment. In addition to getting in a solid breakfast or dinner, lounges provide members with a variety of services designed with the weary business traveller in mind; there’s free wi-fi, showers and bathroom amenities, individual work stations, meeting rooms and device charging facilities to name a few.

Words by Rebecca Walker - Published 13 July 2019
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